Federative Republic of Brazil

Federative Republic of Brazil
the largest Latin American country and the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world; located in the central and northeastern part of South America; world's leading coffee exporter
Syn: ↑Brazil, ↑Brasil
Derivationally related forms: ↑Brazilian (for: ↑Brazil)
Members of this Topic: ↑macumba
Instance Hypernyms: ↑South American country, ↑South American nation
Member Holonyms: ↑Organization of American States, ↑OAS
Part Holonyms: ↑South America
Member Meronyms: ↑Brazilian
Part Meronyms:
Triple Frontier, ↑Acre, ↑Belem, ↑Para, ↑Feliz Lusitania, ↑Santa Maria de Belem, ↑St. Mary of Bethlehem, ↑Belo Horizonte, ↑Brasilia, ↑Brazilian capital, ↑capital of Brazil, ↑Curitiba, ↑Joao Pessoa, ↑Governador Valadares, ↑Limeira, ↑Natal, ↑Rio de Janeiro, ↑Rio, ↑Recife, ↑Pernambuco, ↑Santos, ↑Sao Bernardo do Campo, ↑Sao Goncalo, ↑Sao Joao de Meriti, ↑Sao Jose dos Campos, ↑Sao Louis, ↑Sao Paulo, ↑Amazon, ↑Amazon River, ↑Araguaia, ↑Araguaia River, ↑Araguaya, ↑Araguaya River, ↑Iguazu, ↑Iguazu Falls, ↑Iguassu, ↑Iguassu Falls, ↑Victoria Falls, ↑Madeira, ↑Madeira River, ↑Para River, ↑Parana, ↑Parana River, ↑Parnaiba, ↑Parnahiba, ↑Paulo Afonso, ↑Paulo Afonso Falls, ↑Purus, ↑Purus River, ↑Sao Francisco, ↑Sete Quedas, ↑Guaira, ↑Guaira Falls, ↑Tocantins, ↑Tocantins River, ↑Urubupunga, ↑Urubupunga Falls

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official name of Brazil.

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